What we can not do and what we can do

What we can do :

    • find you a good warehouse to ship your order;
    • send your order to the warehouses
    • send you tracking ID after two business days
    • send your order problems to warehouses.
    • US licensed doctors are hired by warehouses.
    • US licensed pharmacists;
    • US licensed pharmacies;
    • FDA approval prescriptions
    • Not Storing your data online

What we can not do

    1. We cannot guarantee the medication brand;
    2.  We cannot cancel your order after you have placed in the pharm portal;
    3.  We cannot do overnight shipping or Fedex shipping;
    4.  We cannot answer your email about your order ID or tracking ID because we will send or have already sent it to you once we get it; But you can contact us four business days later if it was not shipped because it is not normal.
    5.  We cannot speed up your order or ask USPS to ship faster.
    6.  We can not whitelist you once you have been placed into blacklist because it is beyond our control.
    7.  If we have not sent you tracking ID five business days after you placed your order, you can place another order here. But if you can not receive both orders, it means you are blacklisted from this warehouse.
    8. Blacklist is beyond our control. It happens when you refuse orders, send bounced checks, or send personnel checks.

1,2,3,5 are beyond our control.
4 is useless and wastes both your and our time.

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