Returned customer questions and answers

Some returned customers may ask our questions here.

Why you use so many websites ?

Only one website is good enough for you. Our websites are normally hosted by different web hosting providers. Sometimes they may down for no reasons. But as our returned customer, you need read our newsletter and following our newsletter’s websites and emails.

Please do not order in two different websites.

What is your current pharms’s DNS and Refill Days ?

Our current pharms are located in . They all follow US law of refill days and doctor’s licenses.  They all have DNS limitation.

Please check the website for their DNS.  If you are in the DNS state, I am sure the pharm will not ship to you.

Please also check your refill days. If you refill too soon, the pharm will not send you orders either.

I cannot check every order’s refill days. You need check yourself for your refill days.

Because all our customer data are not stored online, so we cannot send you and reminder for refills.

We really do not have time to find the reasons why the pharm didnot send you orders. Normally they have four reasons:

      1. you have sent bounced check;
      2. you did not pick up your last order;
      3. you are in the pharm’s DNS state
      4. you refill too soon.

If you have not recieived your COD orders after four business days, please email me  to find the reasons.

Do you need new customers ?

New customers need strict verification and doctor reviews.  If you are our returned customer, please go to our returned customer only websites. You will get it from our newsletter.

New customer must verify their address themselves by go to USPS website

AK customers are all recommended to use P.O. Box to send them orders.

We send each new customer a welcome email. You need reply with “yes ” and we will send you COD order.

The Welcome email :

This is first time you order from us. Just want to confirm whether you really want to pick up this COD order. You are familliar with this prescription and have used this prescription before. All our pharms and doctors are us licensed. The doctors have license in your state too. The State will be a DNS state if the Doctors have no license in that state.

The postman normally deliver the order to your home. Your Address should be OK for postman. You can check your address OK or not in USPS system by clicking:

We will send you tracking ID within two business days after your confirmation. You can also go to USPS to pick it up if you are not in home. Orders must be picked up and pay the postman USPS money Order not Personnel Check.

Please tell us whether you are OK to pick it up. I will place your order into pharm as soon as I get your reply. New customers need to verify so it may take a longer time. If new customer can not pick up his first order successfully, we will not send him order any more.

Please reply “yes” or “no”

“yes” will begin to process your order.


AK Customers for Gabapentin

AK USPS returned a lot of orders. Please use your P.O Box if you live in AK.